Lancaster FNB has been inactive for quite awhile now. However, in the past few months there has been new interest in organizing a new local FNB. If have interested in participating as well, feel free to message our facebook page.


Hello all, this blog hasn’t been updated for a while, but Lancaster Food Not Bombs has been as active as ever. As always, the summer months bring us an incredible bounty of donated produce, with a wide variety of  local, organic offerings from the friendly  folks at Eastern Market, Green Circle Organics and Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative. Most recently, Expressly Local has been blessing us with baked goods, frozen items and surplus veggies. With all this beautiful, nutritious and tasty produce piling up at our feet we could use your help more than ever. If you are available to serve with us in Lancaster Square (across the street from Binn’s Park) on Mondays from 11am-2pm we would be excited to bring you on board. Volunteers needn’t stay for the entire meal, and help is also appreciated before and after the meal for prep and clean up assistance if those times work better with your schedule. If you don’t have time to offer but would like to support our efforts, we accept monetary donations used to pay rent on the warehouse space in which we store our freezer, cooking equipment, dry goods and other supplies. Contact us at lancasterfnb@lists.riseup.net

Along with colorful leaves falling around us, temperatures are also starting to drop a little bit.
As the weather continues to cool down and the harvest season ends, we’ll be receiving smaller quantities of fresh produce so we want to make sure it is known that we greatly appreciate any canned or dried good donations. Canned vegetables and dried beans and other foodstuff allows us to keep on making a delicious, vegan hot soup throughout the cold months. Canned fruits are especially appreciated as they can be harder to come during winter time for us and many other folks. Of course we would love to receive more fresh produce, if you know of a food business that would be interested in donating to us or if you have a surplus of produce from your own garden, we would love to talk to you more about it!
We also try to provide warm clothing for those who may not have the means to acquire them elsewhere. Anything like jackets, coats, scarfs, gloves, hats, blankets would be great and makes a world of a difference for the person who uses them.

Check out the Get Involved link to see a full wish list of items that help feed multiple dozens of folks each week! Feel free to stop by on a Monday to drop off any donations and say hi, or e-mail us if that is a time-conflict for you.

Take care, keep warm, peace!

Finally, after a long time an article about what we do has made it to the Lancaster newspaper! Check out the the link for the full story if you haven’t already!

Food not Bombs continues to serve community despite fallout

The People’s Caravan, with a group starting from Philadelphia will be traveling across the state making stops in different towns between Sept 21 and 22nd to learn about local struggles due to the global economic situation. Their final stop is Pittsburgh, where the G-20 is set to meet to discuss the global economic situation. On Monday the 21st, they will be making a stop in Lancaster to learn more about struggles in the area.

What is the G-20?

The G-20 summit is a gathering of financial ministers and heads of states of the 20 richest countries in the world. They are meeting in Pittsburgh, September 24-25 to advance their agenda: cutting essential social services; privatizing schools, healthcare, and social security, promoting “free-trade,” which cuts labor and environmental standards across the globe and places corporate profit above human needs. They are meeting to rebuild the world’s economies- in a way that keeps them on top.

Pittsburgh’s history of economic decline is why it was chosen to host the G-20. It will be promoted as an example of how to rebuild an economy. They’ve done this by bringing in companies that provide low wage jobs while reaping large profit and rebuilding the region with little thought to community benefit. This is unfortunately a familiar story to not just Pennsylvania, but much of the country.

The Caravan

We want to take this opportunity to focus on Pennsylvania, and strengthen our statewide networks. We want to meet up with people who are organizing locally for their dignity and a better Pennsylvania. Whether you are working for better wages, organizing for childcare, demanding healthcare, fighting pollution, struggling to keep your home and put food on the table or to keep your family’s farm; we all have an interest in making our voices heard and working together to advance an agenda for economic human rights.

We will be taking our own vehicles, carpooling and splitting the travel costs. The caravan will depart Philadelphia on Monday morning, September 21, stopping in Lancaster, traveling to York for the afternoon, and then spend the evening in Harrisburg. On Tuesday, September 22, we will rally at the state capitol, make a stop in Altoona, and arrive in Pittsburgh for the G-20 summit.

*Volunteers of Lancaster Food not Bombs support the People’s Caravan and because they will be congregating in the Binns Park area, we will be providing food to Lancaster’s visitors in addition to our usual friends. Come out to learn more, share stories, and support all those involved. For more information about the People’s Caravan visit the website: G20Caravancaravanmap

Poll Time!

August 31st saw one of the best Monday picnics we’ve had since they started last May (2008)! We are back across the street from Binns Park, by the bus stop and it was one of the busiest and most attended picnics in recent weeks. We had a delicious vegetable and noodle soup that quickly disappeared before even cooling down, a few plates worth of PB & J sandwiches that everyone ate up, and dozens of cups of coffee and water that couldn’t be kept up with! Of course there was all the delicious pies, cookies, and assorted produce and it ALL was gone before 2pm, when we normally finish up. We also had a bunch of kids that were gobbling up celery with peanut butter, which seemed to be the favorite food of the day!

As always it was great to meet with friends for another picnic on another warm and sunny day, plus we met a lot more friendly folks who stopped by to share a bite with us or grab some bread or produce for their families at home. We also met some new folks who helped out for the first time and we hope to see in the future. It was one of the best times we’ve had, people were happy to have food, kids were merry, it was a beautiful day in every way.

Take care, enjoy the beautiful weather, and see you next Monday!

ps: pictures from this awesome day will be uploaded shortly!