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Believe it or not, it has been one whole year that Lancaster Food not Bombs has been picnicking in downtown Lancaster city. While we had to make changes throughout the year such as moving across Queen St from the Brunswick Mall area to Binn’s Park, we and those who join us each week have stayed with us and we continue to serve each and every Monday!

While we have done well so far, we unfortunately are seeing the departure of a few members who really made an impact for the group- such as providing kitchen space for cooking and vehicle use to help transport all of our equipment to and from the picnic. We greatly appreciate those who would like to come out, join us and volunteer even for a few hours each week. There are always plenty of things that can be done to help feed a hungry stomach. Check out our page on how you can easily volunteer or make a simple contribution.

By the way, we do have some pictures of some of our tasty picnics and we hope to upload them to the site real soon. Apologies for the delay.

Take care!

Lancaster Food not Bombs Crew!


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