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Along with colorful leaves falling around us, temperatures are also starting to drop a little bit.
As the weather continues to cool down and the harvest season ends, we’ll be receiving smaller quantities of fresh produce so we want to make sure it is known that we greatly appreciate any canned or dried good donations. Canned vegetables and dried beans and other foodstuff allows us to keep on making a delicious, vegan hot soup throughout the cold months. Canned fruits are especially appreciated as they can be harder to come during winter time for us and many other folks. Of course we would love to receive more fresh produce, if you know of a food business that would be interested in donating to us or if you have a surplus of produce from your own garden, we would love to talk to you more about it!
We also try to provide warm clothing for those who may not have the means to acquire them elsewhere. Anything like jackets, coats, scarfs, gloves, hats, blankets would be great and makes a world of a difference for the person who uses them.

Check out the Get Involved link to see a full wish list of items that help feed multiple dozens of folks each week! Feel free to stop by on a Monday to drop off any donations and say hi, or e-mail us if that is a time-conflict for you.

Take care, keep warm, peace!


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