Hello everyone! Hope you’re all staying warm with these wintery days.

Despite the snow on Monday, Martin Luther King Day, we were still out at Binn’s Park having our weekly picnic for everyone and anyone. We had a large selection of coats, jackets, pants, and some other warm clothing available for anyone to take as needed. Donations are always greatly appreciated, right now the best donations in the way of clothing would be anything to keep folks warm – coats, scarves, gloves, hats… and we also value all the monetary and food item donations that we’ve been receiving. Feel free to stop by on some Monday, grab a little soup, a snack, or just a cup of coffee or tea and say ‘hi!’.

If anyone has any easy recipe ideas for wheat germ we would be super excited if you could it with us. We we received a large donation of it and we need some ideas of what to do with it!

Thanks a bunch!

Until next time, take care and peace,

The Lancaster Food not Bombs crew

ps: We have pictures of our snowy picnic which will be uploaded soon!



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